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testing...fThe sun has begun to blaze. As the summer months set in and the mercury begins its incessant rise, it is a desperate search by many for the ideal cooling solution or the long trip to some cooler locale. The sought-after summer solutions lead to brisk business by companies in the consumer durable space selling cooling appliances and travel-related companies, perking up the stocks of the listed companies in these spaces. If you are an equity investor, and you are able to time it right, you can make a neat pile by investing in some summer-demand related seasonal stocks that normally register an uptrend between the months of May and October.

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Validity of the offer : maximum 90 days after purchase (online deal) / coupon printing (coupons to be printed)
Appointment : Without an appointment
Cancellation : See coupon cancellation policy
Coupon : The presentation of the YooDealzww coupon is mandatory to benefit from the offer

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